My name is Andrew Mendez, I currently serve as the Mayor Pro-Tem for the City of Azusa.

Azusa is an amazing city with a thriving community and economy. Having grown up in the City, and now raising my own family, I am proud to call Azusa my home. Having seen the community change and grow over the past several years, it is apparent the Azusa from the past is not the Azusa of today. I was sworn into office as your Councilmember in April of 2020, as the world entered the COVID pandemic. I am running again for City Council because I am certain I can continue to bring fresh leadership to actively pursue new ideas while still preserving our proud historic past.

My Top priorities as your Councilmember will be:

-Engaging in Smart Economic Development. Ensuring our Downtown area and the Edgewood Center are once again thriving destinations.

-Continuing to address our homeless crisis.

-Promoting impactful programs for seniors, youth and working families.

-Strengthen Public Safety.

I respectfully ask for your vote again, on November 8th, 2022.

-Andrew Mendez